This page aims to answer any questions that you might have. Please get in touch if you have any further questions, or would like to discuss ideas or course content – my mobile number is 07810 480743 and I will be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Terms and conditions2019-02-05T22:48:24+00:00

Please click here to see our terms and conditions.


Is there an age limit?2019-02-05T19:03:08+00:00

It is recommended that children under the age of 12 don’t take part unless they are really keen – just speak to us for advice. If a young person under the age of 18 is taking part then a parent or guardian must be around to sign the consent forms. There is no upper age limit – I’ve had people over the age of 80 abseiling and if they can do it, so can you.

What areas do you cover?2019-02-05T19:04:38+00:00

We cover all areas of the UK, Europe and the rest of the world; it all depends on the activity. Get in touch for the course or event you want and we can make it happen.

Do you have climbing shoes that I can borrow?2019-02-05T22:40:32+00:00

Yes, we have lots of pairs of shoes that people can borrow, but if you have your own that’s always a bit more comfortable.

When are the course dates?2019-02-05T22:42:16+00:00

Most courses are run on request and can be tailored to your needs. Get in touch with a course you would like to do, a date and we’ll work out the rest.

Do I have to pay a deposit?2019-02-05T23:09:07+00:00

On all courses we ask you to pay a 20% deposit to hold your chosen date; the rest can be paid in the week leading up to the course. You can pay by BACS, Paypal, cheque, or cash.

How do I pay?2019-02-05T23:09:59+00:00

You can pay by BACS, Paypal, cheque, or cash. On all courses we ask you to pay a 20% deposit to hold your chosen date; the rest can be paid in the week leading up to the course.

What should I bring?2019-02-05T22:47:09+00:00

For almost all of the courses you will need a large rucksack (the bigger the better), waterproofs (at least a jacket but trousers will be useful), water, food, sun cream, a camera, mobile phone and any kit that is related to the activity that you are doing. With most courses it’s always better to bring too much than too little.

Do I need lunch?2019-02-05T22:51:01+00:00

When you are active, it’s important to stay hydrated. Bring food and drink with you, and always bring a bit too much – that way you won’t go hungry. Generally the courses will run over the whole day but even for a taster session we would advise the same.

Can I take photos?2019-02-05T22:53:19+00:00

Yes of course you can. It’s always worthwhile to bring a camera along. Your instructor will have one as well, and after the course we will send you their photos free of charge.

What happens if it’s raining?2019-02-05T22:54:40+00:00

Most courses can be run in most weather, but if it is too bad your instructor will speak with you to rearrange dates and timings at no extra cost.

Do you need your own climbing kit?2019-02-05T22:56:52+00:00

No. All kit is provided but if you have your own, you are very welcome to bring it along. If there are any special kit requests then get in touch!

How long are the days?2019-02-05T22:58:57+00:00

Most days start around 9:30am and will finish around 5:30pm. If you are on a multi day course then your instructor will speak to you to organise the timings. Your instructor will always phone prior to the course date to talk about meeting arrangements.

Where do we meet?2019-02-05T23:00:35+00:00

Your instructor will be in touch prior to the course date to confirm the meeting time and place.