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Festa in Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata Via Ferratas are common across Europe and give accessible adventures for those brave enough to try them. Dave Talbot gives us some pointers. Via Ferrata Introduction “via ferrata”, Italian for "iron paths" are found scattered across Europe and give access to a vertical mountain world, usually reserved for experienced climbers and mountaineers. A via ferrata is a series of ladders, metal staples and steps, attached into the cliff, with a long cable running along side. [...]

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National Trails

Our National Trails I’ve had a certain love affair with our national trails. My first ultra marathon was on our national trails on the Cotswold Way. The plan was to run the 100 mile route in two days. That didn’t happen. Being the beginner I was at long distance running, I totally messed up my underwear choice. At mile 17 I was getting some serious chafing. At mile 40 it looked like an invisible horse had been put between my legs. At [...]

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6 Tip-Top Charity Fundraising Ideas For Your Company

6 Tip-Top Charity Fundraising Ideas For Your Company - Introduction Charity Fundraising Ideas - A lot of businesses have a dedicated charity that they donate to throughout the year, with money raised from events such as dress down Fridays or bake sales. Fundraising is a great way for a business to give back to the community — and it can also be a fun way for team members to bond in a more relaxed setting. But if you want to really ramp [...]

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