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Marrakesh Essential Information

MARRAKESH ESSENTIAL INFORMATION INTRODUCTION Marrakesh Essential Information. The following will help (hopefully) if you wish to stay longer in Marrakesh at the start or end of  one of our expeditions. It will also be useful if you are visiting as a tourist. You will have an afternoon and an evening in the Marrakesh old town on your expedition with us.  You and your guide will enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life.  Some people, however, might enjoy more time in [...]

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Top 5 Fundraising Events

Top 5 Fundraising Event Ideas Introduction Here are my top 5 fundraising event ideas for charities. The list is derived from my personal experience from over 12 years working in and running fundraising events across the UK and Europe. For choosing any event you need to consider your aim and reason for choosing that particular activity. How you choose to fund that particular event is another topic and I've written an article about that here:   With any fundraising event [...]

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Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders is a classic and unforgettable journey around the Llanberis slate quarries. It's scale, proportions and epic qualities leave even the hardcore adventurer breathless and in awe. This route is not for the faint hearted but can be accomplished by a novice climber with a competent guide.  However – you need to go prepared. A competent leader is a must!!! The knowledge of abseiling - is a given and the ability to judge serious situations should not be over looked. Much of [...]

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