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Pembroke Coast Path

Pembrokeshire Coast Path Run Pembroke Coast Path - I never really liked running when I was younger.  I did it but that was mainly to get away from something or someone. As I've gotten older and I can put on weight just by looking at a chocolate bar then it seems that running is a good way of staying fit and trim....ish. . I've done more and more running and I've begun to realise my enjoyment of the sport. The ease of which you [...]

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How To Fund A Charity Event

How To Fund A Charity Event Introduction As a charity, you want and need to raise funds for the cause that you're supporting. In today's world, there are so many ways of doing this. Having people walking around the streets and holding buckets is very much out of fashion. Holding buckets in the street still works (on some level) but there are other ways. Adventure Events are far more creative, lead to more money being raised and have better media exposure and [...]

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Triglav North Face

Triglav North Face I first saw the north face of Triglav in a book, 'The Big Walls' by Reinhold Messner, when I was about 19 years old. The mountain and the face has fascinated me ever since. In the book, it gave an account of the first ascent with a large colour photo of the mighty north face of Triglav. It quoted “Few climbs have left such a lasting impression on me as this one. Of the three biggest faces in the Eastern Alps, [...]

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