Canyoning – let’s take the plunge

Canyoning: an adrenaline fueled descent down a gorge carved out by mother nature's super force - water. Dave Talbot - descends further into this new and upcoming adventure sport. With so many new sports emerging, the combination between one sport and another is so appealing, think - kitesurfing, paragliding, downhill mountain biking, indoor rock climbing……. Canyoning is just that. It takes the best elements from different sports and wraps them all into one exhilarating adventure. Cliff jumping, water slides, abseiling, zip wires, nature….what’s not to like?  I spoke with the with the Canyoning Company ( and asked a few questions to find out more: What's the difference between gorge walking and canyoning? As an adventure sport, Canyoning is booming in the UK.  We are constantly asked “what is the difference between Canyoning and Gorge Walking” (or ghill scrambling if you’re from the lake district). Both involve rock and water adventures journeying by foot along a river system, gorge, or canyon. Gorge walking does what it says on the tin. In general terms Gorge walking is walking and climbing up a gorge . This can involve jumps, climbing and scrambling and on occasion some small slides, wading through the river and climbing behind waterfalls. Moving upstream is one of the crucial differences between canyoning and gorge walking. Gorge walking is more of a low level activity and a great introduction to combined rock and water experiences.  Gorge walking is a great activity for youth groups and families. Gorge walking can be done in most areas of the UK as all you need is a river with some pools, rapids or small waterfalls. This is why [...]