Cold Water Swimming

COLD WATER SWIMMING Cold Water Swimming - Freshen up! Cold water swimming, I’d rather take a nice hot relaxing bath…… but you never remember a hot bath. You want to make memories - right? Well, cold water is in vogue and now’s the right time of year to strip off and get your speedos on (other brands do exist). I’ve met up with my good friend Mike Alexander to ask him a few questions and sieve out some top tips for us new to the art of staying afloat in cold water temperatures. Mike is one of the most experienced cold water adventure swimmers and leading water safety experts in the UK - so there’s no better person to take a dip into his pool of knowledge. If you’re already a swimmer then that’s a great start. If you're new to the swimming game then jumping in at the deep end with long distance, cold water swims might not be the best idea! Here are Mike’s top tips GETTING STARTED WITH COLD WATER SWIMMING Why start cold water swimming in the first place? It’s got huge health benefits, from boosting your immune system to improving your mental health. However, don’t underestimate how cold water immersion will affect you. Ease yourself in gently! Taking cold showers/baths at home is a good start, if you don’t live near any outdoor cold water venues. If you are lucky enough to live next to the sea, lakes or rivers then start swimming in the summer and then continue to swim regularly as the temperature drops. This is a great way of slowly getting used to that temperature change - whatever you do, do [...]