Running Your First Ultra Marathon

Running Your First Ultra Marathon I don’t know why I wanted to run an ultra marathon. Why would any sane (ish) human want to even consider it. A marathon is a terribly long way and an ultra is even further…..You cover a lot more ground than merely miles under your feet: The views, memories, pain, discomfort, joy, elation, weird food, smiles and tears are all longer, harder and brighter during an ultra.    For example, my first ultra marathon was on the Cotswold Way. The plan was to run the 100 mile route in two days. That didn’t happen. Being the beginner I was at long distance running, I totally messed up my underwear choice. At mile 17, I was getting some serious chafing. At mile 40 it looked like an invisible horse had been put between my legs. At mile 46 I was flagging down a vehicle and asking for a lift. Fail. A little learning, some better choices and the correct underwear!! Many ultras later here are some top tips Tip For Running Your First Ultra Marathon An ultra marathon is any distance over a marathon (which is 26.2 miles). The most common distances are 50 kilometres (31 mi), 100 kilometres (62 mi), 50 miles (80 km), and 100 miles (161 km). Keep moving. Do things on the move. Drink, eat, change clothing on the hoof. It will help clock up the miles. Find a friend. Training and racing with a partner is more enjoyable and often you’ll run further and harder as a team. Walk. Everyone does it but nobody talks about it. On an ultra marathon you are never going to run all of [...]