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T.V. and Film Safety Cover

From basic T.V. and film safety work keeping a camera man safe and guaranteeing perfect results, to looking after a full team while on location in harsh environments. We can rig abseil ropes down buildings to get different camera angles, to working underground with multiple ropes and hauling systems. I have even climbed alpine north face routes while filming BBC presenters single handed.

We can go right through the safety process, starting with site visits and risk assessments, to the actual rigging and positioning of the team, camera work and editing. We have a very highly experienced team with technical experts in all fields to help with the job in hand.  All of this allows me and my team to work in the harshest environments and get the results that you require when working with film crews.

TV and Film

T.V. and Film Presenting

I can offer adventure presenting, working in front of the camera while doing extreme sports such as skiing and rock climbing. I have vast experience working for the BBC, Channel 4, Land Rover, Hyundia and many more.

My knowledge of working behind the camera looking after teams in extreme situations helps me deliver results and understanding with the teams I work with time and time again. For examples of some of my recent work see below.

It could be an abseil through the Isle of Wight or helping the Marines scale sea cliffs at night going into a fire fight or helping Hyundia produce car adverts, either way I use my skill and experience of the outdoors coupled with my knowledge of working with cameras to get the shots that are required in a time pressured environment – where safety is paramount.

TV and Film – Event Managing / Logistics

If you’re looking for an experienced logistics / event manager for a TV or film project, then get in touch. With years working in the TV and Film industry with camera teams and with contacts around the world to call on, I can help with any adventure film project.

Recently I was managing safety, activities and logistics while working for Inc on a job for Land Rover celebrating 25 years of the Discovery. We were tasked with filming an adventure race challenge based out in the French Alps in a small town of Megeve. I had lots of different elements to look after, making sure that they ran smoothly – helicopter safety to TV and film challenge details. Problems always arise on these events and the test is how you deal with them. Avalanche danger closed the site that we were meant to use with one day to go till event kick off. Quick decisions where made, event sites moved and the results speak for themselves.

Recent Tv + Film Work

T.V. and Film Clients Include

The BBC, The One Show, Land Rover,  Coast, Hyundai, Inc Media, Time Team, Jaguar, Blink Films, Sony, Montane, Channel 4 and more



If you want any help or advice then feel free to get in touch.