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Canyoning – let’s take the plunge

Canyoning: an adrenaline fueled descent down a gorge carved out by mother nature's super force - water. Dave Talbot - descends further into this new and upcoming adventure sport. With so many new sports emerging, the combination between one sport and another is so appealing, think - kitesurfing, paragliding, downhill mountain biking, indoor rock climbing……. Canyoning is just that. It takes the best elements from different sports and wraps them all into one exhilarating adventure. Cliff jumping, water slides, abseiling, zip wires, [...]

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Cold Water Swimming

COLD WATER SWIMMING Cold Water Swimming - Freshen up! Cold water swimming, I’d rather take a nice hot relaxing bath…… but you never remember a hot bath. You want to make memories - right? Well, cold water is in vogue and now’s the right time of year to strip off and get your speedos on (other brands do exist). I’ve met up with my good friend Mike Alexander to ask him a few questions and sieve out some top tips for us [...]

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Running Your First Ultra Marathon

RUNNING YOUR FIRST ULTRA MARATHON I don’t know why I wanted to run an ultra marathon. Why would any sane (ish) human want to even consider it. A marathon is a terribly long way and an ultra is even further…..You cover a lot more ground than merely miles under your feet: The views, memories, pain, discomfort, joy, elation, weird food, smiles and tears are all longer, harder and brighter during an ultra.    For example, my first ultra marathon was on the [...]

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