Get involved with our trail running events and races for all. Our events are friendly with no cut off times, free photos and parking, feed stations and marshals. All our courses are fully arrow marked.

Wye Valley Trail Race Logo

A varied and scenic 15 mile trail running race event starts and finishes at Chepstow race course with parking and race HQ onsite. The trail run crosses two countries – England and Wales, two bridges over the river Wye, passes two famous landmarks – Tintern Abbey and Chepstow Castle and includes the two famous trails – Offas Dyke and the Wye Valley Walk Way.

Malvern Hills Trail Half Marathon Logo

This is a superb trail half marathon. The course is varied and hilly but there’s not cut off time. The staff and the atmosphere is friendly and runners from around the UK enjoy this race year on year.

Virtual Race Series

After the Corvid – 19 virus hit the world in 2020, it had an enormous impact on the daily lives of everyone. Outdoor space, travelling, holidays and the working lives of the ordinary person all became effected. Over night, all of our trail running races and outdoor events got postponed and that gave birth to this – Dave Talbot Adventure Events – Virtual Race Series.

These events are always free but we do ask for donations if you enjoy them to keep us afloat during the difficult times. Our next event / race is the:

Who will win the race? The fast / flat times or do you take to the hills??
Twister Rules – for every 25 metre of height gained on your 10km run route, you will have one minute knocked off your finishing time. This will even out the playing field for those running a flat / fast 10km to those running a hilly 10km……but which one will win??