Ultimate 3 Peaks

ULTIMATE 3 PEAKS CHALLENGE The Ultimate 3 Peaks consists of scaling the three highest mountains in each of the national regions: Ben Nevis in Scotland (1344m), Scafell Pike in England (978m) and Snowdon in Wales (1085m). However, rather than increasing your carbon boot print you need to cycle between the mountains instead of driving. This radicalises the usual 3 Peaks Challenge into the ultimate duathlon (an event with running / cycling) test: 450 miles of cycling and 24 miles of steep hiking. The Three Peaks Challenge has had some stick over the years due to its environmental impact. The first issue is the amount of diesel burned. Secondly, when you’re flooring your accelerator pedal trying to shave minutes off your time, you are not contributing to the local communities. This is not the case seated on your bicycle. Accommodation will need to be sorted, bacon butties will need to be eaten and bicycle shops visited (possibly).  The local community will love you! Not only that, you’ll be exploring the best cycling roads that Britain has to offer. Cycling into one of our national parks, then scaling its highest mountain has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. Get in touch for further details.  Going from North to South is advised - when looking at a map - that’s downhill, right?! The bigger days are in Scotland and saving the legs for the English and Welsh sections of this workout is recommended. The current record for the Ultimate 3 Peaks is an unfathomable 37 hours and 33 minutes set by Ross Malpass solo and without drafting!! So rather than going like the clappers and burning yourself [...]