Top 5 Fundraising Event Ideas


Here are my top 5 fundraising event ideas for charities. The list is derived from my personal experience from over 12 years working in and running fundraising events across the UK and Europe. For choosing any event you need to consider your aim and reason for choosing that particular activity. How you choose to fund that particular event is another topic and I’ve written an article about that here:



With any fundraising event knowing your target audience and how that capitalises on your aim – usually amount of money raised, combined with awareness for your cause. This narrows your choice and gives you a defined search area.


Examples: If this is your first fundraising event then doing a 5 day cycle challenge might not be for you. Consider instead a single day, minimum commitment event like an abseil. If your based in Surrey then a one day mountain challenge might not work due to your nearest mountain range being 4 hours away. Consider instead a one day or multi day cycle due to the number of keen cyclists living in that area and therefore capatilising on your local target audience. You get the idea. I am always more than happy to talk through fundraising event ideas that are specific to your area and your target audience.


Fundraising events are a great way of combining an activity / journey / expedition that is on most people’s bucket list and raising money for a charity – it’s a win win situation for all involved.


Here is a list of our top 5 fundraising event ideas.

No 1 – Charity Abseil

Low cost. Low risk. Maximum output, a charity abseil event can bring in as much as £70,000 for your charity without it costing you a penny.


Participants need only to take two hours off from their days and can join in on a high adventure / adrenaline activity that’s totally safe and has the wow factor.


A similar event would be a zip wire run at a location near you.
Charity Abseil

No 2 – Climb a Mountain

With most people in the UK venturing less and less into the national parks of the UK, a mountain challenge is an ideal single or multi day event.


I’ve used the term mountain challenge as this can be as simple as a single day event to climb Mt Snowdon in Wales, or a more complex event such as the national 3 peaks challenge which usually takes place over a 48 hour period (with travelling time).


People forget that even on a single mountain climb the thrill and adventure level can be increased by journeying at night to reach the summit at day break – a truly magical experience for all and one not forgotten in a hurry.
Fundraising Event

No 3 – Cycling Event

Cycling is the UKs hot new favorite sport. Capitalising  on this and running a single day cycling event is a winner in the rightly selected region of the UK.


Different distance on a certain course allows participants to pick an appropriate challenge level. Generally have a 20 mile, a 50 mile and a 100 mile course works well. Also, including a family route as a fantastic way of bringing every one together.
Fundraising Event

No 4 – Challenge Journeys

I am going to keep this one broad but the overall aim is to get from point A to point B.
These event are things like London to Paris cycle rides. Hike Dartmoor in a day. Walk the Cotswold Way. A lap of the Isle of Wight and so on.
The great thing about event like these is you can choose to go by bike or foot. Generally these events appeal to charities as a second event or as part of an event calendar as the require more planning and usually run over multiple days.
Fundraising Event

No 5 – Expeditions

Expeditions bring people together on a longer period of time. They cost more money but can raise more money to.


Expedition events such as climb Kilimanjaro or Toubkal are fantastic multiple day journeys that are real ‘dear diary’ moments and have lasting memories. Having your charities flag and banner span across smiling faces on the high summit of a mountain makes for superb publicity.


As these events are always abroad and run over multiple days they cost more money to the participants. Therefore they generally aren’t suitable for first time charity events unless you’re a company raising money for a charity. Consider how an event like this gets funded.



To climb Mt Toubkal in Morocco the cost is £549 and Mt Kilimanjaro £2195 – this is much more expensive then £30 per person for an abseil event.


You could also consider long cycle event like a Landsend to John o Groats as an expedition.
Fundraising Event


Adventure events used for fund raising for your charity, is a no brainer when run in the correct way. If you need any help or guidance about an event idea you have then feel free to get in touch any times.


Thanks for taking the time to read this article and I hope you’ve found it useful.